24-Hour Helpdesk

Metaconex found its roots in providing 24-hour support for the hotel industry. We’ve always placed the highest value on exceptional customer service, and have achieved this by providing experienced and professional personnel who are available in seconds.
▪ Canadian phone support available 24/7
▪ Connected with techs <60 seconds ▪ Offer remedial advice for recurring issues ▪ Install or upgrade wireless infrastructure ▪ Provide call metrics for issue tracking


Our infrastructure team has over 25 years combined experience in the following areas:
▪ Optical splicing, installation and repair
▪ Copper splicing, installation and repair
▪ Head end equipment installation
▪ Network maintenance
▪ DC power systems
▪ Telco labeling and installation standards
▪ Cellular and wireless site installation
▪ Civil preparation and tower rigging

IT Consulting

Our team can assist with managing your IT infrastructure by providing reliable, cost effective solutions.
We offer a variety of services including:
▪ Windows and Linux server administration
▪ Network and service monitoring
▪ Firewall and VPN
▪ Mail server admin/Spam filtering
▪ Hosting services
▪ Desktop application support
▪ Remote access
▪ Computer repair

Enhanced Voice Services

We offer enhanced voice services for any phone or mobile from our cloud-based systems.
Features such as:
▪ One number for multiple phones
▪ Voice mail to email conversion
▪ Custom announcements
▪ Hosted IVR
▪ Multiple area codes routed to one phone